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In the U.S., infrastructure is aging and reaching a breaking point, with an estimated $2 trillion funding gap over the next 10 years according to the American Society of Civil Engineers. Current inspection methods for large structures involve climbers on ropes or scaffolding, and are slow, expensive, and dangerous.

PRENAV is leveraging drones, LiDAR, 3D analytics, and deep learning to automatically identify critical damage in structures.  To date, our technology has been used to inspect bridges, dams, and cell towers, and we even completed the first ever automated flights inside a functional nuclear reactor.  

PRENAV has assembled one of the top robotics teams in the world, with collective expertise across computer vision, deep learning, mechanical engineering, aeronautics, embedded systems, and software development. We’re only just getting started, so if our vision resonates with you in some way, we hope you’ll get in touch or checkout our careers page.