Robotics is one of the most challenging disciplines to work in because it requires the integration of so many complicated domains. We are looking for the most creative minds in mechanical engineering, mathematics, physics, computer science, design, and electrical engineering. We want master craftspeople who love the shape of a bevel, nerd out on algorithms, and who aren’t afraid of hard problems.  

At PRENAV, we thrive on finding new, creative solutions where others have settled for the status quo.  We believe in the powerful combination of art and technology, and that good design is equally as important as hardcore engineering.  We believe in using robots to give their human operators new superpowers, like the ability to fly, see through walls, and teleport.  We love writing code that moves atoms around in the real world.

If this sounds interesting to you, please apply to one of the roles below by emailing your resume to jobs [at] If you don't see an opening that fits your skills, feel free to apply to the "Create Your Own Job" position.  We hope to hear from you!