PreNav’s Founder & CEO, Nathan Schuett, will be speaking at InterDrone 2018 in Las Vegas on Thursday, September 6th, 2018 at 3:30pm.

Nathan will be speaking on “Drones in Energy Inspection: Cutting-Edge Technology.” This panel explores drone use in the energy industry, examining current and future solutions for UAV technology in preventive maintenance programs. The discussion panel will delve deep into addressing hot topics such as:

  • Energy asset maintenance and how to use drones to inspect critical energy assets
  • The technology requirements (drones, sensors, AI, and software) to build a successful energy inspection program
  • How UAS technologies impact ROI while simultaneously improving safety standards
  • And PRENAV’s specialty: performing GPS-denied inspections inside boilers and tanks, or close to large concrete or steel structures (cooling towers, containment domes, dams, etc.)

On the panel, Nathan will be joined by Trent Casi, Enterprise Sales Executive at Pix4D and Chris Fleming, CEO of Cyberhawk.

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