We’re excited to sponsor EUCI’s UAS for Electric Utilities, taking place from October 18-19, 2016 in Denver, Colorado. This year’s conference welcomes industry and legal experts to discuss the onsetting integration of drones as a sustainable practice in the electric utilities industry. At PRENAV, we plan to join the movement by employing our automated aerial robots to conduct visual inspections of tall, vertical structures in both confined spaces and outdoor environments.

Frequent inspections are critical to locate, monitor, and address structural deficiencies, like cracks and corrosion, before more severe conditions ensue. Although traditional methods are still required to complete actual maintenance and repairs, the implementation of drones will address the operational challenges of human inspections and simultaneously streamline the inspection pipeline.

By developing advanced technology to precisely and automatically maneuver around structures, PRENAV provides a safer alternative for commercial inspections of industrial infrastructure like transmission towers and power-generation facilities, even in GPS-denied environments. Take boilers and tanks for example -- the conventional approach to boiler inspections requires the construction of expensive scaffolding for inspectors to access the interior. With the usage of drones, however, data can be captured much faster and more safely, and scaffolding only needs to be built in the event that a repair is required.  An operator can supervise remotely as the drone follows a predetermined flight path, while viewing the captured high-resolution images for assessment in real time. Along with the decrease in overall cost and asset downtime, risk to the inspection personnel is eliminated as well.

By offering a level of accuracy that GPS-based systems are unable to provide, PRENAV’s drone system introduces a modern solution to an otherwise traditionally inefficient operation.  

Hope to see you at the conference!