In the years to come, we believe robots are going to transform the world’s largest industries, from transportation to construction, agriculture, insurance and entertainment. In order for this potential to be fully realized, robots as a whole need to become more intelligent and reliable. At PRENAV, we’re solving fundamental challenges in robotics around localization, materials, planning, and computer vision in order to build autonomous systems that are ready for the real world.



PRENAV was founded in October 2013 with a goal of solving autonomous flight in complex environments.  Since then, we’ve assembled one of the top robotics teams in the world, with experts in computer vision, mechanical engineering, aeronautics, embedded systems, and software.  In our short history, we’ve taken our technology to large industrial sites, inspected wind turbines, designed playful light shows, filmed music videos, and traveled around the world for our customers. And we’re only just getting started.



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